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Comprehensive risk management is an essential business function; with security contributing to revenue generation rather than weighing heavily as a cost centre.

The Partners of A. Kain and Partners LLP (AK&P) bring together an unrivalled and broad range of experience of delivering commercial advantage to clients globally. AK&P’s extensive network of Associate Partners globally also provides unique support to client operations; with standards of delivery defined and maintained by Partners. Partners’ in-depth understanding of insurance markets dealing with ‘People Risk’ further increases value to clients when designing a comprehensive Risk Mitigation Plan.

Working and liaising closely with clients the AK&P’s objective will always be to design and deliver the most effective solution, in line with client’s philosophy and culture, ‘to protect the integrity of client operation while maximising commercial potential.’

We want to invest you with Control over your operational environment

Without intelligence then by definition there can be no understanding of risk. While there is no shortage of information on the web, there is very little that is verified or actionable. From security risk, through political risk and analysis to economic modelling the partnership will deliver actionable and client specific intelligence.
All aspects of security from the design and implementation of policy and procedures through security planning to crisis management including the K+R risk.
From short awareness briefs to accredited courses; always tailored to the client’s requirements and proven to be effective in raising employee awareness and effectiveness. This also contributes to a lower turnover of personnel in the more challenging environments.

“Corporate liability, Duty of Care and Compliance extend the potential cost of doing business. AK&P will enable clients to contain costs while effectively dealing with risk. Indeed a comprehensive and effective risk mitigation strategy will protect the bottom line and enhance sustainability.”